Unhook that garden hose!

It’s getting cold here in Chambersburg and the region in and around Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  As nighttime temps drop below freezing, it’s important to remember to unhook your garden hose from the outside faucet to prevent a burst pipe and potential water damage to your home.

frozen outside faucet
frozen outside faucet

Modern outside faucets on today’s homes should feature a frost-proof valve.  Unlike a standard valve, a frost-proof valve will have a long shaft connected to the knob that closes the valve a few inches back into a wall or floor cavity within the heated space of the home.  This allows the water to drain away on the cold side when the valve is closed, keeping water left in the pipe back in the heated space.  If a garden hose is still connected, the water can’t drain away and you risk the pipe freezing on the cold side of the valve and possibly bursting.  This could lead to water damage in your home.Frost-proof-faucet

Also be sure that any quick-connect attachments that you have on the outside faucet allow the water to drain away.  If the quick-connect has a valve on it, be sure that it is open or just remove the quick-connect.

So unhook those garden hoses!  It’s also a good idea to bring the hose and hose reel inside to prevent any water left within the hose rig from freezing and possibly breaking your hose rig.  Remove any quick-connect attachments with valves that prevent the water from draining out and drain out your hose.  This will help your garden hose last longer and serve you through more growing seasons.